Verses from My Best Teenage Poems

Laugh away, but some of them may actually be good?

  • I think I’m losing myself into my problems.
  • I must look like the Sleeping Beauty without the ‘beauty’ part.
  • Love is a basilisk.
  • The boring secrets behind my lies.
  • His poem was a blank page.
  • Maybe in another reality, a mirror would smash your face if it didn’t like what it reflected, and not the other way around.
  • Even a simple story deserves a great ending.
  • Stars may be proof of a brighter universe away.
  • He wore that hat to hide his ideas.
  • I’m flying, I’m falling.
  • The more I fall in love, the more I realize how imperfect I am.
  • Maybe, in the future, other souls will look after my words.
  • (Something about the Jazz concert, it was so good).
  • Love is fire, hearts are the embers.
  • I’d like to think these ghosts read the poems over my shoulder and smile.
  • A dream worthy of a name.
  • …dressed in raindrops.
  • She cries, and the room breathes again.
  • A tarot lady held captive and she’s got to figure her way out by herself.
  • This ink shouldn’t be mine.

A Mexican English major who wants to write whatever she feels like it. FICTION | POETRY | LIFESTYLE | WRITING | WORK

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